New Windows Make a Home Safer

keep kids safe by upgrading window

New Windows Make a Home Safer

Learn How New Windows Make a Home Safer

keep kids safe by upgrading windowThe goal of every homeowner is to create a place where they and their family feel safe, secure, and comfortable. This is what turns a house into a home. In addition to this basic goal, homeowners who are also parents have an added responsibility: to keep their kids safe. Many parents are surprised to learn that new windows make a home safer, and can be a great way to protect their kids even more.

Siding-1 Windows-1 in the greater Chicago area knows that quality windows are as essential to home security as secure doors and sturdy roofing. To learn more about how new windows make a home safer, read on!

New Windows Make a Home Safer for Kids

There are many ways you can go about looking after your children, but one simple and often overlooked way is by replacing old windows and going with newer styles and makes. New windows make a home safer, and an easy way to keep kids safe is by upgrading window options throughout the home.

Windows that are old and worn out can get stuck, which poses a risk in the event of an emergency like a fire. Old windows that are chipped or cracked can cause hot and cold air to get into your home, thus causing your heat and cooling system to work harder. Outdated models are not as secure and are easier to break into which puts you and your family at risk for break-ins and robbery. So, you can keep kids safe by upgrading windows and replacing old worn out windows sooner rather than later!

How Else Can New Windows Make a Home Safer?

When it comes to windows, there are a number of things you need to know about how new windows make a home safer. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts you should keep in mind:


Close and Lock Windows

If you have young children, make sure they know how to unlock the windows when they are old enough to do so. Also, ensure that when they are old enough to know and follow an emergency evacuation plan, they have easy access to a window in their room for a quick escape. New windows make a home safer because the latest designs and upgrades in windows go a long way in offering easy escape from the inside, while making break-ins from the outside much more difficult.

Position Furniture Away from Windows

While kids need access to the windows when they are old enough, during the younger years it is best to keep access to the windows at eliminated as possible. This prevents accidental falls and reduces the chance of them accidently breaking the glass with a toy or some other object and getting hurt. New windows make a home safer, too, in that they can be child-proofed as needed.

Keep Window Treatments Out of the Reach of Your Children

This includes things like blinds, cords, drapes, and so forth. The reason for this is that they can pose a choking hazard. Young children have been strangled when these cords get wrapped around their heads and neck, and they cannot free themselves.

Install Window Guards or an Alert System on the Windows

New windows make a home safer, too, if you include window guards or an alert system during installation. This will alert you if your young child tries to open any window, and is one way new windows make a home safer. The added use of a security alert system can help everyone feel more at ease. You can keep kids safe by upgrading window styles to something more modern and secure.

Consider the Way Window Placement is Around Your Home During the Landscape Planting

Give careful thought to what kind of shrubs you plant under windows. Remember, there may come a time you and your children need to get out of those windows in an emergency. A holly bush or a rose bush might not be the best choice.

Develop a Family Escape Plan

Make sure every member of the family knows it and review it together often.  If your children are too young to understand the full plan make sure they know to either wait for an adult to come get them or show them how to get out through a window if they are old enough to do that safely.


Don’t Leave Young Children Unsupervised

It only takes a moment for something to go wrong. Many children suffer serious injury after getting tangled in the pull cords of blinds and drapes, even if their parents leave them alone for just a few minutes. New windows make a home safer because many modern window designs also feature safer cover and blind design options.

Don’t Depend on Screens to Keep Children from Falling out of Windows

If windows are left open, make sure there is no way for your young children to get up to the windows, even if they are screened in. If your children are on a second floor of the home, all windows should remain closed and locked at all times.

Use Caution When Applying Energy Efficient Films and Other Tinted Coverings to Windows

Make sure that these tints and films are not put on any windows that are designated as escape or rescue windows in your family emergency escape plan. These tints can make it harder to see into the room, thus making it harder to tell if someone is inside trying to get out.

Don’t Paint, Nail or Weather Strip Windows Shut

If there is an emergency, all windows need to be able to be opened. Intentionally sealing a window shut is always a bad idea. New windows make a home safer because they are energy-efficient, have quality locking systems and, when properly installed, need no stripping to keep weather out. Don’t undo their benefits by nailing, painting or sealing them shut right from the start.

Don’t Forget About Window Safety When Making Repairs to the Interior or Exterior of Your Home

Replacing your windows with new ones every 5-10 years is a good way to keep your family safe. New windows make a home safer, and this is one way homeowners can keep their families safe: by upgrading windows.

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If you live in or near Chicagoland and are ready to start the process of finding the best type of windows for your home, then contact Siding-1 Windows-1 at (800) 929-9275! We would love to help you with your window replacement project. As a homeowner and a parent, you have a double responsibility to keep your family safe! New windows make a home safer!

We are here to help show you even more ways you can keep kids safe by upgrading windows throughout your home. Call us today to set up your consultation appointment!

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