Replacement Windows

Safety Features of Windows

Windows are a critical part of the home, and when it comes to finding the right window a lot can come down to the safety features you have. From the glass to the hardware you use on your windows, there are many ways to improve the safety of your home through your window choices. At our center, we have local window glass experts who are ready to answer any questions you may have and help you select the best [...]

Popular Glass Options For Windows

Windows are one of the important design aspects of your home that often gets treated as an afterthought. When you are designing your home, or upgrading your current layout, windows can make or break a room so it is important to give it the consideration necessary. Going through all the glass options for windows that are available can be overwhelming so we here at Siding-1Windows-1 are here to help! We can take the stress and guesswork out of choosing [...]

Getting Expert Window Installations in Wheeling Residences

Siding-1 Windows-1 Exteriors has been serving the local community for years and in that time, we have earned a reputation for quality and excellence. when it comes to expert window installations in Wheeling, none can surpass us! We take this responsibility seriously and we value the customers we have served in the Wheeling and surrounding area- we know what it means to be trusted with people’s homes. Our team of experts is ready to assist with any design or remodel [...]

Window Replacement Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding Window Replacement Mistakes Homeowners have a lot to think about when it comes to keeping up their home. From the roof to the floors, inside and outside, there is a lot that demands their attention, but one of the most overlooked is the windows. Windows do a lot for a home. That's why it's important to be on the lookout for window replacement mistakes when it's time to upgrade. Siding-1 Windows-1 in Wheeling, Illinois near Chicago can help you [...]

keep kids safe by upgrading window

New Windows Make a Home Safer

Learn How New Windows Make a Home Safer The goal of every homeowner is to create a place where they and their family feel safe, secure, and comfortable. This is what turns a house into a home. In addition to this basic goal, homeowners who are also parents have an added responsibility: to keep their kids safe. Many parents are surprised to learn that new windows make a home safer, and can be a great way to protect their kids [...]